School Mission & Vision


The staff of New Horizons Elementary School is committed to excellence in education.  Our purpose is to ensure that each child is provided with stimulating, creative, and enriching opportunities to nurture his/her physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development.  Critical thinking, the ability to reason, an emphasis on basic skills for lifetime competencies, and the development of a positive self-concept are the core components of the educational process.  We are dedicated to making the best use of our resources to meet these goals.

Recognizing that staff, parents, students, and community play a vital role in the total education of the child, we advocate open channels of communication and the cooperation and involvement of all.


New Horizons Elementary School will educate each child in a collaborative, multicultural community, developing curious life-long learners prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow as productive, responsible, and culturally competent citizens.


New Horizons Elementary School will provide a foundation for the development of cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills to facilitate the maximum educational growth of all students.